Undocumented raw MIDI Dump feature of MKS-50, Juno-1, Juno-2 Synthesizers

This procedure will send or receive raw MIDI data. This feature is not
documented in the MKS-50, JUNO-1, JUNO-2 Owner's manual. This procedure
is useful for sending uninterrupted streams of MIDI data without the need
for checksum error correction.

A typical application would be to connect a computer sequencer up to your
MKS-50, JUNO-1, JUNO-2 synthesizer, press the corresponding buttons and
save all 64 internal patches into the sequencer memory. You can then save
this raw MIDI data information onto disk. 

MKS-50 raw MIDI Dump/Load Procedure
1) Set the MKS-50 into the following mode:
MIDI CHANNEL =  1     |
MIDI OMNI    = ON     |
PCH ASG MODE = ON     |------> Accessed Via The TUNE/MIDI Button on MKS-50
TX C.M. APR  = ON     |
TX TONE APR  = ON     |
MIDI EXCL    = ON      ------> Accessed Via The PARAM Button in Patch Mode

2) Press the DATA TRANSFER button on the MKS-50

3) Press the PARAM button until  Bulk*Save [T-a]  appears in the LCD window
   (NOTE: This is different from Bulk Save [T-a] without the asterisk!!!!!)

4) Press the WRITE button on the MKS-50 and  Bulk*Save -Run-  should appear
   in the LCD window. MIDI data is now being sent to your computer

5) Press TRANSMIT/SEND on your computer SysEx program and the data will
   start to receive MIDI data. To send MIDI data from bank B, make sure the
   LCD window reads  Bulk*Save [T-b]

* To reverse the process and load MIDI data into the MKS-50, press the
  DATA TRANSFER button then press the PARAM button until Bulk*Load [T-a]
  appears in the LCD window

JUNO-1, JUNO-2 raw MIDI Dump/Load
1) The Alpha Juno-1/2 should be set to MIDI Channel 1

2) Set SysEx ON (I don't know if this is an option? I have an MKS-50)

3) The BULK DUMP data transfer methods used are slightly different from the
   instructions listed on page 40 of the Alpha Juno-1/2 Owner's Manual.
   You must press the WRITE key at the same time as the DATA TRANSFER and
   BULK SAVE keys are pressed. This key sequence is an undocumented
   feature and sends MIDI information out of the MIDI port in one continuous
   stream instead of waiting for a response from another MIDI device connected
   to the Alpha Juno-1/2. The method of BULK SAVE data transfer used in this
   manner should read in the Alpha Juno-1/2 display window as;

   Bulk Save MIDI.o                       <==== Correct

   as opposed to the normal display of;

   Bulk Save MIDI..                       <==== Incorrect

  * The easiest way I have found to use these three keys at the same time
  * is to first press the DATA TRANSFER key and then, while still pressing
  * DATA TRANSFER, press the WRITE key and while still pressing these two
  * keys, press the BULK DUMP key.

To reverse the process, press the BULK LOAD key. Remember, this will replace
all internal tones of the Alpha Juno-1 so when you want to load new tones,
Make Sure You Have A Back-up Of Your Internal Tones Before You Continue!