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A song entirely made by Creamware DSP-synths.
"Yazoo - Don't Go" made with only Pro-Tone and Plasma drumsynth, 2008-03-15

It started with Unease scans of Vince Sequential Circuit's Prophet One (Pro-One) data of the sounds to Don't Go
and my soundexamples.
Bass, Bass.wav
Lead, Lead.wav
Arpeggio, Arpeggio.wav
Whrooau, Whrooau.wav

I wanted to see how Creamware Pro-Tone sounds like compared to the original Pro-One.
The song is made completely with Creamware DSP-plugin "Pro-Tone" and Creamware "Plasma" as drumsynth. Some sounds are dubbed to be fatter. 9 instances are used totally.
The MIDI-file is downloaded from net (thanks to Hiroyuki Asakawa (tsgaya@mb.infoweb.ne.jp) with only a simple end made by me.
I've noticed that drums are not complete, only bassdrum, snaredrum and handclap are mapped. Snare and clap are joined with MasterVerb from Creamware (Reverb DSP plugin).

There are 2 versions, one is my friend's (Don't Go) and the other his 13-year old daughter (Don't Go-2).

Snapshot of the Snapshot of Creamware project. Not the nicest cabling though.
Download Creamware Project.
Preset of Pro-Tone.
Download Cubase SX project.

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