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Creamware Pulsar II Classic

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Pulsar II gives you a professional digital mixer, a full rack of effects, a collection of high-calibre synthesizers, a powerful studio sampler, a routing patchbay, and dozens of additional studio tools - all right inside your music computer. Working perfectly along with your favorite audio sequencer. And all of it behaves just like external hardware equipment. You can even integrate external audio signals live. The unique SCOPE DSP technology makes it all possible

Software Highlights

  • Full-featured 24/48-channel digital mixer for internal and external signal sources
  • More than 50 excellent 32-bit effects processors, incl. high-end MasterVerb reverb
  • Nine virtual synthesizers: Analog, Wavetable, Vector synthesis and more
  • Modular Synth with over 140 modules and 80 patches
  • Tausende inspirierender Sounds
  • Thousands of inspiring sounds
  • Professional DSP-based studio sampler STS-3000
  • Live processing with no latency whatsoever
  • 32-bit floating point processing
  • SCOPE Live Bar for complete studio control from one central spot
  • Expandable with all plug-ins of the SCOPE Fusion Platform

Hardware Highlights

  • PCI card for PC & Mac with six SHARC DSPs
  • On-board processing of all software studio tools (32-bit floating point processing)
  • Flexible multi-I/O system with four different I/O options (all between 20 and 28 I/Os)
  • All inputs and outputs in 24-bit / 96 kHz for compromise-free sound quality
  • Ultra-Low-Latency Interface with hardware-based ASIO support
  • Highspeed drivers for ASIO 2.0, MME, DirectSound, tripleDAT, GSIF, Sound Manager, OMS
  • MIDI Interface (In, Out, Thru)
  • DSP power and I/Os flexibly expandable via S/TDM

Basic Features

  • Live Features
  • Coordination with the Audio Sequencer
  • Main Studiotools Package 

Live Features

Imagine this: a professional digital console, a full rack of effects, a collection of high-calibre synthesizers, a powerful studio sampler, a routing patchbay and dozens of additional studio tools - all right inside your music computer. Working perfectly along with your favorite audio sequencer. And all of it behaves just like external hardware equipment: no latency, no delays, no overburdening of your computer, no installation headaches, no compromises in the sound quality department. The entirely unique SCOPE DSP technology makes all of this possible.

Furthermore, you can integrate external audio signals live: regardless whether they originate from a microphone, electric guitar, analog synth or 19" effects rack. The SCOPE Fusion Platform brings everything together. It's the ideal environment for your creativity.

  • Route your microphone live through the excellent MasterVerb reverb plug-in or send your guitar live through the SCOPE Platform's tube-simulation effects.
  • Route audio tracks from your sequencer in realtime through the 19" effects rack in your studio.
  • Integrate your external sound generators and effects devices live into the audio sequencer.
  • Work with professional monitoring during recording sessions - without the slightest ASIO delay.
  • Mix and route all audio signals in your studio within a single environment, without limitations.
  • Play virtual synthesizers and samplers really live. SCOPE eliminates the timing and latency problem, instead of just diminishing it.
Coordination with the Audio Sequenzer
All SCOPE Fusion Platform products have been outfitted with the newly developed Live Bar, from which the complete SCOPE setup can be controlled. You select synthesizers and samplers, dial in sounds, open mixers and set up signal routings - all from this central control spot. If desired, the Live Bar can be made to overlay your audio sequencer, so that you always have all of your SCOPE studio tools within quick reach.
SCOPE Fusion Platform systems are the ideal extension for any audio sequencer you may choose. Perfect coordination is ensured by the extensive driver set for Windows and Macintosh (ASIO 2.0, DirectSound, MME, tripleDAT, GigaSampler, Sound Manager and OMS). Furthermore, the PCI cards of the SCOPE Platform are equipped with the Ultra-Low-Latency Interface (ULLI), which provides hardware-based ASIO support. This makes latencies of as low as 1 msec possible! Audio drivers simply don't get any faster than this.
If you work with a VST-compatible recording program, you can also operate the instruments and effects of the SCOPE Fusion Platform from directly within that program. The XTC mode, which is a feature not only of Pulsar XTC but of all other CreamWare DSP systems as well, makes this possible. In this mode, you use the SCOPE studio tools exactly as you use VST plug-ins and instruments - but without placing any extra load upon your computer. The Direct Play feature even lets you play SCOPE instruments in XTC mode completely latency-free.
Main Studiotools Package
This assortment of mixers, effects processors and other studio tools is included in every SCOPE Fusion Platform system.* With the two mixers, you can mix all of your signals "live", regardless of whether they come from internal sound generators, external hardware instruments, audio tracks or VST instruments from your recording program. The special 5.1 surround mixer equips you superbly for multimedia or film sound productions.
Mixer Features:
  • STM 16 S: 16 channel strips, mixed to six busses (L, C, R, Ls, Rs, LFE)
  • STM 1632: 16 channel strips, individually mono/stereo switchable (up to 32 inputs)
  • 2 slots for insert effects per channel, two master inserts
  • 4 aux paths (pre/post selectable)
  • Switchable direct outs
  • Margin and peak meter displays
  • Settings can be stored as presets
  • Remote-controllable and automatable via MIDI controllers
  • The highlight of the high-calibre collection of DSP effects is the outstanding MasterVerb - most likely one of the best-sounding reverbs you've ever heard. So dense and smooth - you'd swear it was a big studio processor. Also included: various dynamics and modulation effects, as well as filters and a graphic equalizer. All of these effects are likewise live-computed by the DSPs and place no demand upon your CPU's computing capacity.

    DSP Effects:

    MasterVerb Classic
    Parametric EQ
    4-Pole Filter
    High Cut Filter
    Low Cut Filter
    Dual Delay


    STM 1632 - 16/32 channel Recording Mixer
    STM 16 S - 16 channel 5.1 Surround Mixer
    VRC-S - ADAT Remote Control Unit
    Various audio Tools (Control Room, Aux-Rack...)
    Various MIDI Tools (Monitor, Merger, Splitter…)


    Mixer Package I 
    The highlight of this package is the deluxe STM 2448 Mixer - a professional mixing console which need not shrink from comparison with large studio consoles, but which is nevertheless easy and intuitive to use.

    Selected features:

    • 24 channel strips, individually mono/stereo switchable
    • 8 recording busses (subgroups) with global routing matrix, 2 Inserts per bus
    • Internal effects per channel: EQ (dynamic 4-band EQ with selectable filter type per band: peak, notch, high-/low-pass, high-/low-shelf), compressor with sidechain, compensation delay
    • 4 effect inserts and a direct out per channel
    • 6 mono aux paths and a stereo aux path, 2 inserts for the aux returns
    • Mute, solo, mix, solo defeat, exclusive solo, 8 fader groups and 8 mute groups
    • Master section with two 2 switchable monitors, talkback and 4 effect inserts
    • 5 different measurement points within channel strips for the peak meter and margin display
    • Presets can be created for individual channels, individual effects and the complete mixer
    • Remote-controllable and automatable via MIDI controllers
    • The two additional mixers - the Dynamic Mixer and the Micromixer - are outstandingly well suited for use as submixers. Each one offers up to 32 mono channels or 16 stereo channels, mixer presets, VU meters and long-throw faders. In addition, the Dynamic Mixer is outfitted with effect inserts and fader groups.

    Effects Package I and II  

    Two collections of high-quality DSP effects processors. All are computed with 32-bit precision algorithms and are thus perfectly suited for 24-bit productions. All effects in the SCOPE Fusion Platform operate live and completely free of latency*. They can therefore be used with both internal and external signal sources - without DSPs, that would be unthinkable!

    Effects Package I

    Standouts in this collection are the delays with up to 5 seconds delay time and the high-quality modulation effects such as the extremely warm Hexa Chorus.

    4-Tap Chorus
    Delay LCR
    Delay LCR Long
    Delay Long
    Dual Delay Long
    Early Reflector
    Harmonic Chors
    Harmonic Flanger
    Hexa Chorus
    Multitap Delay
    Pitch Shifter
    Effects Package II

    A collection of especially sophisticated studio effects. Chorus and flanger of the Master series, MIDI-controllable filter and tremolo, tube-simulation effects, wild-sounding single-sideband processors...

    Ducking Delay
    MidiPole Filter
    SSB ModDelay
    SSB Modulator
    SSB Phaser
    Stereo Expander
    Tube Drive
    TQ Drive
    Vocoder III

    Pulsar turns your music computer into a professional sampler! With the DSP card as the reliable hardware and the STS-3000 as very powerful sampling software, you have a complete studio sampler right inside your computer. And it offers you fantastic possibilities.

    Just some highlights:

    • Stereo sampling at up to 32 bits / 96 kHz, resampling function
    • Import/export: Akai S1000 & S3000, Soundfont 2, WAV, AIFF
    • Multimode filters with resonance
    • Comprehensive editor for sample-accurate editing
    • Keygroup editing, velocity-switch, velocity-crossfade
    • Stereo out and 8 individual outputs
    • Load samples from the host computer's CD-ROM or hard-disk
    • Polyphony of up to 64 stereo voices 


    The system comprises a complete collection of high-calibre synthesizers. From Analog to Wavetable, Vector and Drum synthesizers - everything is available. Even a complete Modular System with over 140 modules and 80 ready-to-use patches is at your disposal.

    The sonic possibilities of the SCOPE Fusion Platform are virtually limitless. Let yourself be inspired.
    Synthesizer Package I and II
    Each of these two collections contains a complete palette of high-calibre synthesizers - replicas of well-known classics as well as completely new creations. SCOPE DSP technology ensures top sound quality, without compromises. Fat analog sounds, potent drums, inspiring wavetable and outrageous Vector Synthesis sounds! With these packages, you obtain in one fell swoop a synthesizer collection that others only dream about.

    And since these sound generators are computed by DSPs, the boundaries between virtual and "real" instruments are blurred - because the SCOPE synthesizers can be played just like hardware instruments. There's no latency between keystroke and sound. You've never before been able to work so professionally and creatively with virtual instruments.

    "The software synths available for this platform are among the best-sounding and most innovative I've seen yet."
    Keyboard, USA
    Synthesizer Package I

    Vectron Player: Inspired by the legendary Prophet VS, Vector synthesis guarantees breathtaking sounds.

    Miniscope, Miniscope MK II: You'll recognize these ones as soon as you see the wood side panels and familiar interface.

    U KNOW 007: Another legend. Don't worry - you'll know it.

    Blue Synth: Analog synthesis at its best.

    EZ Synth: "Easy to use" Synthesizer. And really fat.

    EDS 8i: Analog drum synthesizer with eight instruments.

    Synthesizer Package II

    Lightwave: Wavetable synthesizer with 128 wavetables, two powerful filters and an integrated effects section.

    Prisma: Fantastic-sounding virtual analog synth with an extensive modulation matrix.

    Inferno: Ideal for fierce basses and unique sounds.

    Arpeg 01: Powerful but easy to use arpeggiator. Adds motion to your music!

    Modular Synthesizer V2 
    Have you ever bought 80 synthesizers at one time? With the Modular V2 this is now within anyone's reach. Because it gives you a spectacular collection of virtual instruments in one go: dozens of synths with hundreds of sounds, along with effects processors, sequencers and drum-computers.

    With the Modular Synthesizer V2 you can also build yourself the instruments of your dreams! The system comes with a giant number of software modules which can be freely combined. You'll find oscillators, envelope generators, effects, pattern sequencers, filters and so on - in short, everything you need to construct synthesizers, drum machines, effect processors and more. Experiment and create your own personal sound!

    Hardware and I/Os   

    The PCI hardware of Pulsar II is every bit as innovative and efficient as its software. In addition to the power of the six SHARC DSPs, the Pulsar board features a flexible I/O system. Audio inputs and outputs, as well as a MIDI interface, are located on a daughterboard which mounts directly onto the DSP card.

    There are four such I/O options to choose from. Each of them offers between 20 and 28 I/Os comprising combinations of analog, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT and Z-Link* inputs and outputs. For ultimate sound quality, all I/Os work with 24 bit and 96 kHz resolution.

    The unique on-board Ultra-Low-Latency Interface ULLI allows for lightning-fast audio drivers. ULLI features hardware-based ASIO support and makes driver latencies of as low as 1 millisecond possible! Audio drivers simply can't get any faster.

    Furthermore, the Pulsar card is equipped with two S/TDM busses to facilitate smooth integration of additional SCOPE-family hardware. Thus, you can upgrade your system with extra DSP power and more I/Os in a highly flexible manner.

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