Yamaha AN1x

Yamaha AN1x

Virtual analog synth.
61-note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch.
10-note polyphony (maximum).
2-part multitimbrality (maximum).
128 Factory and 128 User presets.
Arpeggiator with 30 patterns and 10 timing sub-divisions.
16-step sequencer with 128 presets and 128 user patterns.
Free EG controller recorder.
Effects: Variation (Chorus, Flanger, Symphonic, Phaser, Auto Pan, Rotary Speaker, Pitch Change, Aural Exciter, Compressor, Wah, Distortion, Overdrive, Amp Simulator); Reverb (Hall, Room, Stage and Plate settings); Delay (five types); EQ.
Scene 1 and Scene 2 knobs.
8 assignable control knobs.
Pitch-bend wheel.
Modulation wheel.
X-Z ribbon controller.
Backlit LCD display.
Stereo audio output; 3 footpedal inputs; MIDI In, Out, Thru; DC In.
External PSU.

Yamaha AN1x

This pictures is taken from my 2nd AN1x of 4 ;)
The last one I modded to be able to turn off Aftertouch if I wanted to. It is not possible in software.
Yamaha AN1x-Part1
Yamaha AN1x-Part2
Yamaha AN1x-Part3

Yamaha AN1x-Part4
Yamaha AN1x-Part5
Yamaha AN1x-Part6
Yamaha AN1x-Part7
Yamaha AN1x-Part8

Yamaha AN1x - 2021

Yamaha AN1x-editor
Yamaha AN1x-randomizer

Yamaha AN1x Manual

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