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Mail client program for TOS based computers.
Rev: 1.96
Features supported:
  • TCP/IP Layer
    • Stik/Sting
    • mintnet (only experimental )
  • BubbleGEM
  • Object linking with OLGA
  • AV-Server messages
  • MultiTOS drag'n'drop protocol
  • Mime
  • Attachment encoding/decoding:
    • Base64 encode/decode
    • uu encode/decode
    • Binhex (decode only)
  • Swedish char's
  • UTF-8 support
  • Multithreaded (MiNT)
  • Built-in editor/viewer with lots of features
    • Selectable links
      (You can click in a URL and go to the web site directly)
    • Different colors in intended text
    • Selectable font colors
    • Selectable background color
  • Address book with alias
  • Remote dialer
  • Timer check of mail
    (can be done with remote dial)
  • Text export of mail
  • HTML Export of mail
  • Docs/help in HTML format HELP
  • Can send and receive Visitcards (Netscape compatible)
  • Decodes badly coded mail from
    Outlook Express
  • Delete mail without read/download them
  • SPAM filter
  • Mail read receipt support
  • Multi user
  • Add URL to CAB hotlist
  • Filter functions
  • Mailing lists with no limit of addresses
  • HTML coded mail can be sent to your web browser

System requirements

  • A Atari TOS based computer or a clone.
  • A AES that support color icons, such as N.AES, Magic, AES 4.1.
  • About 1.7 MB of free RAM.
  • 16 colors or more on screen.
  • Stik/Sting or GlueStik

Is it free ?

    YES !

    This software is provided Ďas-isí, without
    any express or implied warranty.
    In no event will the author(s) be held liable
    for any damages arising from the
    use of this software.

== MyMAIL Mailing lists and News ==
MyMAIL changes
Check the history file to get more/latest info about changes of mymail

MyMAIL mailing list.
If you yoin the mailing list you
will recieve a mail everytime there is
a new updated version of MyMAIL
on my homepage

JOIN the mailing list.

MyMAIL on other www pages
Read more at Mille Babics MyMAIL page

== MyMAIL Basic program ==
Description Rev. Download
Complete 1.96 1.41 M Download
Only MyMail (no docs) 1.96 404 K Download
Only docs 1.96 1 M Download
Complete 1.95 1.4 M Download
Complete 1.91 1.41 M Download
Old version 1.89 - Download
Old version 1.74 - Download

== Spam filter files ==
Spam filter files is not included in the normal distribution as the user may like to change these files without having them overwriten at new releases of MyMAIL.
If you like to contribute with addresses or word combinations please send a mail to me.
Please note that the spamf.kil now contains the address and cause of huge amount of spam from them. If you realy like to receive mail from and/or you have to manualy remove the line containing these addresses.
Type Updated File
Address filter 2003-10-22
Subject filter 2005-12-23

== Vacation message ==
The vacation message file is not included in the normal distribution as the user may like to change the file without having them overwriten at new releases of MyMAIL.
Type Updated File
Vacation (English) - vacation.txt
Vacation (Svenskt semester meddelande) - vac_sw.txt

== Translations of MyMAIL ==
Language Translated
Rev. Download
French Pascal Ricard
French/Homepage (bibou)
German Lars Schmidbauer
1.73 & 1.74
Italian Luke Fantinutti 1.56 - Italian/File
Svensk Jörgen Nyberg (Website) - Svensk/hemsida
Piotr Mietniowski
Polish Version 1.56
Polish Version 1.57
Polish Version 1.63
Do you like to translate MyMAIL ?
Please send me a mail first.
You need to translate the files:

If you are using Netscape and cant get the files correct
hold down the shift key when you click in the link
and the file will be downloaded correctly.