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JingleFALCON In action... Info and snapshot JingleFALCON In action...

Photo by © Jens Faxhag
Photo by © Jens Faxhag
Tired of Cart machines?

Want to play Jingles?

JingleFALCON is a program for small radiostations
Easy to use and very fast load and start of jingles.

©Erik Häll

The price for the program is:
200 SEK
Only passive sustaining

© Erik Häll
Photo by © Jens Faxhag
Photo by © Jens Faxhag
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(Jingel program for radiostations)
Demo version
Falcon only
1.75.6 910K 1998-08-18
1.81.6 138K 2001-10-06



Why using Atari for playback of jingles and not a PC ?

Using a PC on a radiostation for playback of jingles needs a very expensive configuration and have many problems with virtual memory swapping to harddisk when not desirable.
  • Memory hungry.
  • Instable operating system.
  • No real memory protection.
  • Very slow operating system.
  • Hard to setup a working system.

Atari and clones are true 32 BIT computers and very stable and reliable.
They have the basic operating system in ROM called TOS (The Operating System)
and a diskloaded pre-emptive multitasking kernel MiNT.
  • Not Memory hungry.
  • Stable operating system(s).
  • Memory protection.
  • Fast operating system.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

Computer / OS


    ATARI/C-LAB Falcon 030 Computer
    14MB RAM
    Big and fast harddisk (>1GB)
    VGA monitor running 16 colors or more.
    MultiTOS or N.AES
    (it is able to run in "single" TOS but without some functionality).

    It is able to have 20 blocks with 8 jingles in each.
    Every jingle kan have up to 20 samplings in its playlist
    it is very usable when creating a commercial block.

    It is able to have the most used samples assigned to
    the keys a-z.

Supports folowing sample formats


    DVSM (Winrec)
    WAV PC/Windows
    AIFF CubaseAudio
    AVR Atari

    Add, remove or move jingles with drag and drop.



    Autocue will help you to find the "cue" points without edit the sample.
    LED-Clock will display current time.
    Timing of 2 external devices, for example 2 CD players in the studio.

    The program supports many diferent message protocolls:
    PIPES (MultiTOS)
    OLE (Withe OLGA installed)
    And a serie of special messages for this program.

If you have any comments do send me a mail the folowing addresses: